Print to Epson Printers From iPhone Easily

Now the need to print to Epson printers from the iPhone is not a difficult thing to do. Epson has provided an application called Epson iPrint that you can download for free on your iPhone mobile device.

The iPrint application is an application that is universal that can be used on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to print various documents. You can view the Epson iPrint application description first so you know which type of Epson printer can work with the application.

Print to Epson Printers From iPhone

The First Step Of Using Epson iPrint

The first thing you should do when print to Epson printers from an iPhone using the Epson iPrint is to enter the settings options found in the application to choose the type of printer that suits you.

After selecting the type of printer, the option will display the name of the printer with the status ready to print, the amount of ink in the cartridge, and even this application is supported with a button to do a head cleaning or nozzle check.

Work system

Epson iPrint can be used to scan, print, and send faxes. If you do not have a home telephone, maybe the option to send a fax is not an option. You can print documents from various sources, print web pages, photos, or scan directly through an iPhone that you own.

Photo Options

On the Epson iPrint, there is an option to print a photo on your iPhone gallery. When selecting these options you can navigate photos or select photos and then move them to a page for printing. Before printing, you can change the settings for paper type and size, number of copies, print size, etc.

Document Options

This application allows you to print various files that are on your iPhone. There is an edit button at the bottom left of this option that allows you to specify the directory as desired. You can print various documents such as PDF, Word, or Excel. This application is even able to print documents stored in online storage such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs.

Print Web Page Options

When you want to print a page sourced from a website, you are required to enter the URL of the page to be printed later. There are controls to the left of the URL line that you can use to save bookmarks, retrieve bookmarks, and navigate back and forth. After finding all of the option information you want to print, you can tap the print button at the top right of the page.

Scan Options

Another advantage of this iPrint application in terms of print to Epson Printers from the iPhone is the scan option. Various purposes such as scanning school schedules and scanning other documents you can do very quickly. All done flexibly, just hold the iPhone that you have and provide the paper on the Epson printer and then print it.