Epson Stylus S21 Review: A Documents Printer with High Speed for Photo Printing

Are you looking for an Epson Stylus S21 review? Well, you come to the right place anyway. This printer series is definitely a solution if you prefer the classic-design printer but with the newest and the most sophisticated technology. Yes, if you see how the product looks like, it is similar to many printers released in the past. But there are many new features added, making it work much better. What are the specifications of the product along with the pros and cons?

Epson Stylus S21 Review



Some series from Epson are mainly designed and produced for picture and photo printing. It looks like the brand is back to basics with this product. This series from Epson is made for documents printing. However, some features from it are made from photos. For example, it applies the ink type of photo dye. The capacity toner is for approximately 540 pages (ISO/ IEC 24711 and 24712 Test Suite).

The print resolution is 5760×1440 dpi with VSDT with the availability of black and color text memo. In terms of printing speed, there is an improvement compared to the previous product. Many document-printing printers from Epson are known to be quite low in printing photos. Interestingly, the speed is faster here only in 11 seconds per photo. Unfortunately, there are still some modern features of a printer that still cannot be enjoyed in this series. There is no network and 3 expansions.

Pros and Cons

Epson products are indeed really variants in terms of features. Some great features you find in some series may not be found in others. It is also the problem you may experience in Epson Stylus S21. The product is great and suitable for you who prefer classic-looking design. Besides, the size is quite compact as well as it is also lightweight.

The most impressive thing about this product is about speed. You can print photos much faster than other Epson series. Moreover, it is by remembering that this printer is mainly intended for documents printing.

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For the cons, the only disappointing things about the product are the incomplete memory features. There is no network available here. Besides, the 3 expansion thing also has not yet added. Well, although those just make the printer compatible with the price.


Some features indeed are not available there. But it doesn’t change the fact that Epson Stylus S21 is still worthy and recommended to buy. Moreover, it is if you want to print both documents and photos with a high speed through the Epson Stylus S21 Review.