Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Free

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Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Free

On the printer front, Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Free has been in serious update mode lately. While these, and today’s review unit, the $349.99-direct Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw, don’t look like particularly modern MFPs on the outside, Dell has made some changes inside that should make them attractive to many moderate-volume, small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs).

Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw

The H625cdw is one of two “Color Cloud” printers that Dell released in a group around the same time. The other is the beefier, somewhat pricier Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H825cdw. (That model was $449.99 after an $80 “instant savings” on when we wrote this.) The differences between them, however, aren’t all that significant. For the additional $100, you get a 50,000-page monthly duty cycle, versus a 38,000-page duty cycle on the H625cdw, as well as a slightly faster print speed, even though the two machines are otherwise rated identically. For the most part, we found the H625cdw a strong-performing MFP with better-than-average print quality and a fairly decent monochrome cost per page (CPP). For some reason, though, as you’ll see in the Setup & Paper Handling section later on, Dell couldn’t get it right on the color CPP. It’s far too high for a purported midrange to high-volume printer

Otherwise, this MFP is stacked to the top with features, starting with a huge 4.3-inch color touch screen, and continuing with a state-of-the-art single-pass automatic document feeder (ADF) for scanning, copying, or faxing two-sided originals in one swipe. In addition, as you’ll see in the Design & Features section next, it comes with nearly every productivity and convenience feature we can reasonably expect in a modern laser model, including a bunch of mobile-connectivity options, as well as Dell’s business and enterprise software and online services, such as Dell Document Hub, and support for a slew of other cloud entities.

Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Free

Despite the Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Free‘s somewhat last-century outer appearance, our only real disappointment with this MFP was its way-high color CPP, which in turn relegates this otherwise impressive laser-class MFP to occasional use, especially when it comes to printing color pages. What it does print—monochrome or color—looks good, but if you really need color and you’re not locked into a situation that requires laser-class output, there is some cutthroat consumables warfare going on right now in the inkjet-printer arena. (Some Epson printers, for example, can print color pages for less than a cent each in ink under certain conditions. That said, if specifically laser-class output is what you need and you don’t require a lot of color output—you just need it when you need it—we can’t think of a good reason not to buy this printer. However, Dell could have snagged an Editors’ Choice on this one with a more competitive color CPP.

Design & Features

Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Windows

At 19.7 inches tall by 16.9 inches side-to-side by 19.8 inches from Download Canon Pixma MG5720 Wireless Inkjet Driver Free front to back, and weighing a stout 70 pounds, the H625cdw is no desktop printer. The good news is that it comes ready to support Wi-Fi (for wireless connectivity), Ethernet, or direct-connecting to a single computer via USB. So you can place it wherever is most convenient for its bulk, or for your network cabling.

Among this MFP’s most impressive features is its 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF), which supports auto-duplexing. Auto-duplexing is, of course, the ability to scan two-sided originals without your having to flip them manually to scan the second side. In this case, though, this is a single-pass scanner, meaning that it contains two scanning mechanisms that allow it to scan both sides of a sheet simultaneously. In effect, then, duplex scanning is almost as fast as simplex (single-sided) scanning.


Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Mac

I tested the H625cdw over an Ethernet connection with its drivers installed on a printer running Windows Vista. I timed the MFP, which is rated at 16 pages per minute (ppm) for duplex scanning and 25ppm for simplex scanning, at 6.5ppm in its default duplex mode in printing out our business applications suite (using QualityLogic’s hardware and software for timing). This essentially ties it with the Dell H825cdw (rated at 19ppm duplex and 30ppm simplex), which scored 6.6ppm, and the Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Free, with the same rated and tested speeds as the Dell H825cdw. I timed the Canon Color imageClass MF726Cdw$274.99 at Amazon, rated at 10ppm in duplex, at a 5.1ppm clip in that mode.

Although we do our official timings in a printer’s default printing mode (simplex or duplex), in ad-hoc testing, I also timed the H625cdw in simplex mode at 7.4ppm. Once again, this is essentially the same speed as the Dell H825cdw and the Dell S2825cdn, both of which I timed at 7.5ppm.As is the case with speed, the H625cdw’s output quality is very similar to that of both the Dell H825dw and the Dell S2825cdn in our testing, with average text quality, above-par graphics quality, and photo quality a tad subpar. Text quality is average for a laser printer, but that is still good enough for any business uses except ones that require very small fonts.

Output Quality

Graphics are just short of top tier for a color laser. Colors were rich and well saturated in testing. The only issues I noticed were decidedly minor. Very thin, colored lines, though visible, were not as obvious as we’ve seen with some other printers, and Download Canon imageClass MF227dw Driver Free one background looked slightly mottled. Most of our test photo prints approached true photo quality, at least when viewed at arm’s length, though a couple fell short. One showed substantial dithering (graininess), and there was some loss of detail in bright areas in another. Taken together, text and graphics should be fine for marketing handouts and trifold brochures. Photo quality is somewhat hit-or-miss; while some prints should be suitable for marketing materials, others may not be.

ConclusioDownload Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Linux

The Download Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw Driver Free Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625cdw offers a strong set of MFP features, good speed, output quality that suitable for at least basic marketing materials, and a wide range of connectivity choices, including several wireless printing modes. It sells for a reasonable price for its capabilities. It’s faster, has better output quality, and has a wider range of mobile printing choices (including Wi-Fi Direct and NFC) than the OKI MC362w. It’s a standout pick as a color MFP for medium- to heavy-duty printing in a small or micro office and is our Editors’ Choice.

We also liked the 4.3-inch color touch screen anchoring the spacious, easy-to-use control panel. It’s a customizable screen, and as is relatively common on enterprise printers, the contents of the display are actually a Web page on which you can create, edit, arrange, and move options (on the colored tiles in the below image) as desired. By default, one of these tiles links to Dell’s Document Hub site, which (among other things) allows you to connect and interface with cloud sites, including Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Salesforce (in its many editions), and SharePoint Online 2013.